Maak van je stoep een huiskamer voor de Buurt!

Vincent van Kleef

What is a Buurt-Bench?

Buurt! This is the Dutch word for neighbourhood: the heart and centre of your daily life and home. Opening a buurt-bench will help you meet your ‘buren’, also known as your neighbours! 

We feel that it’s time to fill the streets and sidewalks with some fun and laughter. That’s why we encourage everyone to put a bench in front of their house. ‘Cause a bench increases ánd strengthens contact between neighbours. Together, we make the sidewalk our own!

Want to join us? Sign your bench up for free and keep an eye out for any updates on our socials. And mark the 22nd of May in your agenda, because that’s when the second edition of the BuurtBenchesDay will be held. Enjoy benching!

1. Prep your Buurt-Bench

Click on sign up, make up a nice name and determine the location. Everybody can open up a Buurt-Bench. And don’t worry, Kitchen chairs or a picnic blanket is also okay. 

2. Serve something tasty yourself and your neighbour.

A nice cup of coffee with a homemade biscuit? A jug of lemonade with some potato chips? Prepare something nice and let the fun come your way!

3. Organise a dance class, soccer tournament or something else.

Yard sale, dance class or soccer tournament? Organise whatever you want! Need some inspiration? Look at the overview and decide yourself what you are going to do and at what time.

4. Invite the neighbours!

Ring their bell, Give them a call or scream it from the top of your lungs: Your Buurt-Bench is open for business and everybody is welcome to join!

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