About Buurt-Benches

Why the Buurtbenches?

80% of any informal contact between neighbours is taking place in the space between house and street: the sidewalk. People who utilise the sidewalk by putting, for example, a bench there, have much more contact with their neighbours. The amount of planned appointments to do something together goes from 16% to 62%, not bad! Besides that, it causes more familiarity between neighbours: instead of the average 55% of neighbours that know each other,  84% of the neighbours know each other. 

The sidewalk as a shared space

The sidewalk can be the perfect meeting point. On the sidewalk you bump into everyone: from chatty couples to street kids, from refugees to yuppies and from expats to bubbly granny’s. Research shows that benches in front of houses can add a lot of value to the neighborhood. It’s a true conversation starter. Feel free to invite every passant to participate. If you open up to people they will open up to you. Don’t be afraid of new encounters, this is the only way to meet new people with different backgrounds. Step out of your bubble! Because more contact in the neighborhood leads to more help, trust and even happiness!

If you want to know more about what we do, who we are and how to open your own bench you can browse through our website. Here you can find everything about the benches in your neighborhood, the hosts, the locations, opening hours etc.

Work together?

BuurtBenches beliefs in building good connections which is why we like to work together on a close level with social organisations, local governments and BuurtBenches-Hosts nationally and internationally. The goal of working together is to reach and enthuse as many people as possible. Are you interested in working together? Do you like bringing people closer together? Do you want to contribute something to the local community? Do you have any questions? 

Contact us at buurtbankjes@debuurtcamping.nl

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